Child Safety App Concept 
After moving to Tokyo, Japan in 2011, I was amazed at the freedom by which young children navigate the city on their own. At first this observation was a huge cultural shock and I often was concerned for their safety. Over time I began to learn more about existing safety systems such as the Mimamori Keitai and the Mimamori Tag. I became interested in how some of these things could be addressed through a dedicated app (thus eliminating the need for new hardware). The result is a simple exploration of a child safety monitoring app. You can view a live prototype here focusing on the parent's perspective.
One Voice Student Missions App
In 2014, I was invited to help a friend start a design company in the Los Angeles area. During our spare time, we would volunteer with One Voice Student Missions (OVSM) which hosted regular after school events at high schools in California. With numerous events, guest speakers, local partnerships, and a continual stream of new student faces, it quickly became apparent that a better system for student followup was needed. We therefore started designing an app that could service this growing need. This was an incredibly unique opportunity as our on-the-ground experience gave us a great capacity to empathize with the need of the client. One of our goals was to simplify the user flow and come up with a solid information architecture as OVSM desired to make many resources and means of connection available via the app. This app was developed and released in 2014. It was one of the main means of student contact thereafter. We learned that OVSM could easily update students with intentional push notifications. This project taught me a lot and I have grown a lot since then. Recently, OVSM has rebranded entirely and this app is sadly no longer on the App Store. You can view a few of the screens I recreated here
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